2015 Purebred LaMancha Buckling

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We are offering a lovely 2015 buckling for sale.
Joyful-Morn JHMM ______
DOB: 04/12/2015


Sire’s Sire: Autumn-Acres CM Maddock 2-05 89 VEV
Sire: J-Haven’s MAD Murdock
Sire’s Dam: CH J-Haven’s WP Cha-Ching-Cherry 3-06 88 ++VEDam’s Sire: Sire: CH *B Celtic-Knot TT Gold Talisman
Dam: CH Joyful-Morn TD Firefox
Dam’s Dam: 1*M Heaven Blessed XL Daisy

The following is a comprehensive break down of his maternal pedigree and some interesting supportive photos.  Please visit J-Haven Acres and Autumn Acres websites to see additional information on this promising buckling’s paternal pedigree.FoxySideJoyful-Morn-TD-Lady-Firefox--CH--rear Dam: CH Joyful-Morn TD Firefox A.I. (pictured at 3 yrs old)

Foxy is well blended, level and typical of a Talisman daughter. Her udder is globular, capacious, very smoothly blended & well attached all the way around. Together with her dam, Daisy, they were 1st place Dam & Daughter at the Dist IV Lamancha Showcase 2009.
Foxy’s show career was cut short by a severe case of mastitis.  She has now retired as a brood doe and is the type of doe that has personality in spades…the barn would be a dull place without her!531559_10200664263593998_1927132325_nDam’s Dam: 1*M Heaven Blessed XL Daisy (pictured at 8 yrs old)

This is a composite photo of the late 1*M Heaven Blessed XL Daisy taken at a show when she was an 8 yr old. I love the old does mammaries. 
This mammary clearly shows the height and width up into the escutcheon(the area of the rear udder that attaches to the body of the goat) She has clean delineation of the teats from the udder tissue. She also exhibits a strong medial ligament dividing the udder halves and supporting the vast quantity of milk this doe produced. Her teats while tweaked out just a bit were easy to hand milk…and lets face it teats are only worth 4 points and if they have teats that function you can’t dock them the full 4 points…
She was a very dairy doe and she milked from that dairyness.
TalismanDam’s Sire: CH Celtic-Knot TT Gold Talisman (pictured at 3 yrs old)

Talisman was an amazing buck whose short use in our breeding program is still noticeable.  He was very tall, sharp in the shoulders, angular, and level.  He had a very square set to his legs combined with proper angulation to the hind legs.Tombstone
Dam’s Sire’s Sire: GCH +*B Thunder Road Tombstone (pictured at 9 yrs old)

Tombstone was our foundation sire.  He was a gentle giant.  His offspring consistently excelled in dairy character, angularity and levelness.


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