This is the page where animals(as available) will be listed for sale as well as our sales terms.  Please read them carefully and if you have any follow up questions feel free to contact me to discuss our sales policy.

To reserve a buck/doe kid: A deposit of $100 is required to reserve the kid of your choice.  We recommend having a first and second choice picked out.  If the kid of your choice is not born or does not meet our requirements for sale your deposit will be refunded.  Refunds are not provided for any other reason.  Balance is due upon notification of availability.  If balance is not received within 2 weeks the buyer will forfeit their deposit and the kid will be available for sale or retained.  Kids are usual at weight and growth for pick up at 3-4 weeks old.  If additional time is needed to coordinate shipping arrangements a pre-paid boarding fees of $2 per day will be applicable(by agreement only)

Payments by personal check must be cleared by our bank(usually takes 10-14 days).
We welcome cash at all farm pick ups.  All checks must clear banks prior to the release of livestock, registration applications or paperwork.

Our Herd Health:
Within our ability all births are attended and after a short bonding time with mama we hand raised all kids.  We feed raw goats milk to our kids from our all CAE tested negative herd.  From our observation there is a huge benefit to feeding goats milk in its natural state.  We would not practice raw milk feeding if we were not comfortable with our herd’s health status.
Kids are, disbudded, tattooed, vaccinated with Bar-Vac CD&T and have had BoSe administered before leaving our farm and are accompanied by a white registration application.

Special Notes:
Buck Kids:  We reserve the right to up to 20 straws of semen(at the cost of collection) from any buck kids sold from our farm.

Doe Kids: Our lines are slower to mature and we strive for a productive animal with good longevity.  In our experience holding a doe till she is coming into her second year lends to a stronger bone pattern, a more solid mammary and over all productivity.  If you wish for a fast maturing line you will want to look elsewhere.  To encourage local breeders to wait the extra year we offer a free breeding to your doe kid purchased.  At the time of breeding the doe must be at least 18 months old and in sound health to be eligible.  Limited boarding may be available.

We have worked closely with animal transports over the years as well as personally transporting adult animals to their new owners.  Kids can be picked up at the farm or air shipped via Pittsburgh, PA Airport or Canton Akron Airport.  Delivery to the Airport is $50
All State Requirements, Health Certificates and Shipping Costs Are the Responsibility of the Buyer!

Doe Buck Due Date: Reservations: Kids:
Chai Tribute February 15, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Bucha Ganja February 22, 2017 2nd choice doe kid $300 Doe Kids Only
Inspire Tribute March 20, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Tiana Tribute March 20, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Honor Hot Coffee March 20, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Malice Hot Coffee March 21, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Bavvy Ganja March 22, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Felicity Ganja March 22, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Wisp Tribute March 23, 2017 $400 Doe or Buck
Brat Hot Coffee March 24, 2017 $300 Doe Kids Only
Bug Ganja March 31, 2017 First Doe Kid Retained
Sasperilla Ganja March 31, 2017 $600 Doe or Buck
Paisley Tribute March 31, 2017 First Choice Doe Kid $300 Doe Kids Only
Jubi Tribute April 10, 2017 $300 Doe Kids Only